Tyler Hammond

The Macon Telegraph Stage at The Crazy Bull Main Room
Performance Time: 
8:00pm - 9:30pm
Milledgeville, GA

Like many of today’s southern stars, Tyler began his journey singing in the church choir and practicing three powerful chords that every guitarist learned first. When he arrived on the campus of Georgia College and State University, he encountered a whole new scene that would ultimately shape him and his music. His fame began at a local club where he used his music to entertain college kids on Tuesday nights. “It’s always a good sign when you play for a room once and return two months down the road to a crowd that has tripled on simply word of mouth.”

Fast forward a few years and Tyler earned the opportunity to play with many of the mentors he used to admire. He and the band perform over 150 shows a year across all parts of the southeast and have performed with a number of idols including Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, and Cole Swindell. “Bring on the Crazy” has not only been a best-selling album for Tyler and the guys, but also describes the wild ride they have been a part of for the past five years.

It’s not just about the music for Tyler, it’s also about each and every one of his fans, learning to live a little, and knowing when to take a shot of whiskey. This whirlwind of success has made Tyler far from complacent. In fact, he and the guys spend countless hours honing their craft and making music that they and their growing fan base love.

Currently working on his next album, Tyler, with this strong foundation, is ready to take his passion and talents to the next level… one song at a time. Buckle up, things are about to get “A Little Bit Crazy!”