The Norm

Newtown Macon Stage at The Mill
Performance Time: 
9:15pm - 10:30pm
Athens, GA

Singer-songwriter Bryan Rucker is the dynamic frontman and driving force behind an electrifying new band called The Norm. Comprised of he and his step-brother and rapper Ryan Bars, the duo combines their urban roots with layers of funk, reggae, pop, rock, and hip hop to achieve a sound that is both unique and captivating.

Originally from Miami, Florida, Bryan Rucker grew up in a musical household. His father, Steve Rucker, was a member of the Bee Gees band and played with other music legends such as Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, and Jaco Pastorious. Ryan Bars grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida with an affinity for hip-hop music. After graduating from SAE with a degree in audio engineering he realized he’d rather be on stage than in the crowd.

The Norm got its start in their garage in 2010 when Rucker and Bars began experimenting with combining musical styles to elevate what was considered the musical “norm.” The band now calls Athens, Georgia home base where they continue to grow their name in a city that has given us other great artists such as R.E.M., the B-52’s, Widespread Panic, and The Drive By Truckers. Rucker’s writing contains elements of soulful blues, soaring melody, and churning rhythm, providing the listener with unforgettable songs that touch the heart and move the body.