The Fritz

The 11th Hour Stage at Roasted Cafe & Lounge
Performance Time: 
10:30pm - 12:00am
Asheville, NC

After four years of traveling the Southeast, steadily building a reputation as a live act not to be missed, Asheville-based quintet The Fritz played exceptionally strong sets at The Catskill Chill and The Bear Creek Music Festival in the Fall of 2014, and showed thousands of new fans what throngs of Southeastern music lovers have known for years: The Fritz likes to get funky.

As much as they take their funk seriously, the band takes it’s songwriting just as seriously, but the well-crafted song is not the final product in the live forum… and this is where they shine, as The Fritz are masters of improvisation, carefully weaving the personality of the band and the crowd into each performance. While the music may range from hard driving soul to progressive rock, there is the common thread of The Fritz’s passionate energy, and whether live or in the studio, the band creates an energetic dance party every time.

In March of 2013, The Fritz released Bootstrap, a collection of songs written over their years touring the Southeast. As they work on their upcoming third release, new fans and old eagerly anticipate the new music. To tide them over, The Fritz offers free downloads of live shows from their website and a steady diet of live performances, from the Southeast to the Midwest and the Northeast. All of this to support the fans and share the music, one show at a time—live or otherwise—as The Fritz continues their relentless drive to bring that intoxicating energy to crowds everywhere…