Design Company

Macon Octoberfest Stage at Bearfoot Beer Garden
Performance Time: 
8:45pm - 9:30pm
Athens, GA

Raised in the backwoods of Perry, Georgia, and settled somewhere between Rock & Roll, Indie Rock, and Country-Rock, the band Design Company forms. Now based in Athens, Georgia, the band is on the move, playing songs that examine narratives ranging from the personal, inner-most feeling of the heart, to a teenaged killer fleeing into a corn field. Whether it's playing a show with the band or just singing for himself, there is no place singer songwriter and guitarist Wade Walker would rather be than the porch of his parents old poolhouse down in Perry.

Wade Walker tells us of his passion, ”It is about people. I love the recording and writing process and all the introspection that comes with that, but in the end it is about sharing a moment with the people who came to listen. It means the world that people come and it is a special thing when we can share a moment through a song. Music sparks something inside, and it becomes a gateway for connection."

On May 20th the band will release their first full length album entitled "Waterproof or Wallpaper". It is a collection of songs that, as a whole, examine the idea of life being about more than just the shiny, cool wallpaper and being about something much greater and much more full proof. Something Waterproof. Design company is out to be themselves, to jam to some tunes, to sing some meaningful words, and to see what happens when the beauty of connection with song occurs.