Jake Tobin's Loose Organization

Jake Tobin's Loose Organization

Not sure how to write a bio, maybe something like

"Not a Great Singer or Performer Backed by Four Piece Band ."


some things others have said:

“For cracking your brain and frying it over a deliciously blue propane flame before spitting on Zappa's Uncle Meat.” - Edmonson

“…the comparisons to Zappa do not overshadow Tobin as he continually proves he is not limited to being a re-hash of earlier works … is perhaps on par with Zappa himself. The wacky synths, the quirky guitar lines and the off-kilter saxophone combine with the sometimes plain silly humour to make something truly refreshing” - The Wave

“strokes every synapse in my skull and fires up a few more … And for as complex and layered as it can get, it’s somehow catchy as hell, too. You will totally find yourself humming along with this music, and humming more acrobatically than ever before.” - Words on Sounds

"Albert Marcœur meets Surface to Air Missive meets Blanche Blanche Blanche meets Rascal Reporters meets, ah fuck it, i shouldnt be drawing comparisons, this is it's own thing, and it's pretty great." - Zone