FreeLance Ruckus

FreeLance Rukus

FreeLance Ruckus is hard to put into one genre but they describe themselves to be Southern alternative americana rock with unique, powerful lead guitar, a solid rhythm section, and vocal harmonies that emphasize a singer/songwriter style.

The band started in 2007 as a three-piece in search for lead guitar player to complete the sound they were looking for. The founding members, lead singer Richard Martin and drummer Chris Covey met bass player Emmett Hardwick at a Lake Sinclair get-together. The on-the- spot jamming commenced and the band was formed. It wasn’t long after, the band started playing gigs all over the middle-Georgia area. In 2009, they played a benefit show in Macon at a place called 20’s Pub & Sub and playing at the same show was 15 year old Dustin McCook. The band saw him play and asked him to sit in for a few songs and the next chapter of FreeLance Ruckus was born. Dustin’s ability to learn quickly and to play with skill and accuracy as well as with an old soul fit right in and transformed the band’s sound into something bigger and more electric. The songwriting was able to flourish under these circumstances and the band began to pop out many more original songs to accompany an already deep catalog of original music that Richard Martin already had written. Over the next several years, FreeLance Ruckus would go on to make several recordings, one of which that was released as an EP entitled The New World Disorder and The Ripening Growth. It is available for purchase in iTunes. They also have maintained a steady schedule playing apporoximately 100 shows a year. In the past year, the band has allowed another up-and- coming, young guitarist to get his feet wet by playing along with them in many of their live shows. Skyler Slates has an ear and taste for playing soulful, blues licks and is a dynamic addition to making the band’s sound even fuller and more impactful.

The original name of the band was three words: Free Lance Ruckus. It was a plea to get their friend “Lance Ruckus” out of jail after being arrested for playing music on the street and bumping into a cop. …or so they say. It was a plea to Free Lance Ruckus or to Free Music. Let real music get a chance to get popular again. As time went on, the band has shortened it so that it can more easily be taken both ways because, then again, it is pretty cool to be freelance ruckus makers… but they still keep that capital L to harken back to the beginnings.