Artist Interview: Holy Ghost Tent Revival


Holy Ghost Tent Revival (HGTR) is looking forward to connecting with some new and old Georgia faces at the 2017 Bragg Jam Concert Crawl. They haven’t been back to the Peach State in a while and are looking forward to performing one of their favorite songs live, “Shakedown” by HGTR’s very own Kevin Williams. It is an autobiographical song that brings a very slow-then- fast, fun atmosphere to the stage. According to HGTR’s Matt Martin, the best part about playing live for a crowd is, “the attack and release, the give and take. Strangers digging you based on the cords you play.”

Martin says that HGTR is excited to get back to Macon, it has been awhile since they have been back to Georgia. Martin says that “there was this little park we played years ago with a little rectangular pond with lily pads and frogs in front of the stage.” He says he wants to return to this place because, “in a moment of acoustic passion, I started doing this dance on the edge of the water and stumbled in, knee- deep with my guitar still on.” Now you may think that this is crazy, but it is nothing short of normal for HGTR, whom describe themselves as the opposite of “the best looking, well-dressed, best sounding musicians playing the most expensive instruments at the store.”

Martin and HGTR are inspired by many things, including, “scenes outside the window. TV. Books and history. Lovelifes. Other people’s music. Jealousy over another band member writing a better song. Anything, really.” Martin is also inspired by the legends of Macon’s rich music history. He thinks that Otis Redding was one of the coolest artists of Macon’s history, saying that “” Try A Little Tenderness” has to be in the top of all the layers.”

HGTR is a group that goes far and beyond the call of duty on stage, which makes them a perfect fit for the Bragg Jam stage. Martin describes the vibe of HGTR as this, “We’re all laid back behind the stage, and I think a bit of the “easy spirit” comes across on stage too. We are all really accepting and gentle with each other, while being honest about the things we need. Perhaps that comes through in our music, too.” So come ready for an easy going, amazing concert July 29 at Bragg Jam, with HGTR on stage reconnecting with their Macon fanbase.