Blog Post: Bombadil

Time Out New York describes them as, “bursting with irresistible melodies, unexpected lyrical gems, and moments of profound honesty, all anchored by expert songwriting skills.” Bombadil is excited to experience the “hot and happy” vibe of Bragg Jam’s Concert Crawl. They are excited to be back in Macon and have heard all about the famous “Law School Slides,” and the guys have said that what they look forward to most about coming to perform in Macon is, “being able to walk up to Coleman Hill Park and race down the slide.” There are also a few other places you might be able to catch the band around Macon, they are planning on making a stop at the Ocmulgee National Monument and Fort Benjamin Hawkins.

Bombadil has released a new album called Fences that they describe as a representation of “the journey of the last two years.” They have gone through a band member’s sudden departure, shows across the country, many stand ins, and finally finding the perfect piece to their three-men show. These events have influenced their music, Bombadil says that “everyday life” is what inspires the music they make, and as you can tell their everyday life is filled with plenty of things to make music about. The vibe of Bombadil is simple, “smiles, deep appreciation of subtlety. Empathy. Patience.” So, expect a performance that is full of “great stories from James. Anachronistic guitar picking. Long-winded silence punctured by bursts of fluidity.”

Bombadil’s relaxed style of music and “lyrical gems” brings to life the early days of Bragg Jam when it was just an improve jam session at The Rookery. Bombadil’s favorite part about playing to a live crowd is their love of “sharing their music and the hard work we put into it.” Bragg Jam is a place to come and experience the music and love it along with the artists who share it with the audience. Bombadil loves “the new songs no one has heard yet.” So come check them out at Bragg Jam and expect something new and exciting from Bombadil!